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Current Exhibitions

Invasive Species... The Art of Upcycling


Invasive Species... The Art of Upcycling
Aug. 2–Oct. 18, 2014
Hyndman Gallery
Opening Reception Aug. 1, 5-8 pm

A resurgence in the “ready-made” art practice made popular by Dada artists Duchamp and Man Ray, upcycling makes use of discarded materials and transforms them into beautiful objects without breaking down the material. Invasive Species: The Art of Upcycling will feature upcycle inspired artwork that crosses boundaries between environmentalism and art. Artwork by Michael Dinges, Victoria Fuller, Alan Emerson Hicks, Valerie Mann, Chris Silva, and Bryan Sperry.




by Jan Dean
Brincka-Cross & Northview Galleries
Aug. 2–Oct. 18, 2014
Opening Reception Aug. 1, 5-8 pm

An installation by Jan Dean, transforming Styrofoam packing.

“Jan Dean is a visual artist whose artworks explore the paradox and psychology found in material culture. The work draws from the meeting of Western culture and Eastern philosophies. Materials dominate the visual appearance of the work but sentience and the human experience are what it articulates.”


Aquatic Kaleidoscope

Aquatic Kaleidoscope
by Renee Robbins
Brincka-Cross & Northview Galleries
Aug. 2–Oct. 18, 2014
Opening Reception Aug. 1, 5-8 pm

Paintings that draw from natural phenomena and micro to macro relationships and pull together molecular, biological, aquatic, and celestial systems. Robbins paintings mix and juxtapose hybrid flora/fauna inside a space that simultaneously evokes the deep sea and the cosmos. Bringing together microscopic and telescopic viewpoints stimulates the process of painting to move fluidly between the real and imagined.


Fantastic Ark & Great Distinction Zoo


Fantastic Ark & Great Distinction Zoo
Michiana Resource & Social Learning Institute
Sept. 25, 2014 - Nov. 7,2014
NIPSCO Large Art Education Studio
Opening Reception Oct. 3, 2014

An exhibition by artists from Social & Learning Institute and Michiana Resources facilitated by art educator Debra Sawyer at Lubeznik Center for the Arts supported by Duneland Health Council. Fantastic Ark & Great Distinction Zoo is an exhibit of mythical and magical creatures sculpted in clay or papier-mâché. The art project evolved out of the bible story of Noah’s Ark and other narratives of great migrations.  Each artist created his or her own creature then combined their concept with a partner artist’s concept, the two collaborating to create a new and unique hybrid. The creatures were inspired by mythical gods and magical creatures from religious and cultural stories. Both artists proceeded to sculpt two versions of their final creature.


The Circus--Parades Charades & Masquerades


The Circus--Parades Charades & Masquerades
by Carol Block
Oct. 1, 2014 – Oct. 31, 2014
NIPSCO Small Art Education Studio
Opening Reception Oct. 3, 2014, 5-8pm

The Circus--Parades Charades & Masquerades exhibit is alternative photography with an edge by Area Artist Carol Block, who is a former exhibiting member of various galleries, including Hyde Park Art Center, Art Institute Art Rental & Sales  (Chicago) Soho 20 Gallery (New York)  Southern Shore Gallery BAE Art Institute of Chicago, MS Vis Ed  Institute or Design Chicago and Southern Shore Gallery and Area Artists Assn. The Lubeznik Center and Purdue North Central (Indiana).



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