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Robert Daum and Carol Estes

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Located In: NIPSCO Education Studios

"Proximity" by Robert Daum

This exhibit of color and black and white photographs captures the beauty of nature within one mile of the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. The eighteen images by Robert Daum are a mixture of landscapes, close-ups, and abstracts that showcase what can be found in the dunes and along the beach in Washington Park. Besides two photographs of summer clouds, the images were made “between summers” when most people wouldn’t think of going to the beach. Eleven images showcase unusual and fleeting phenomena that winter weather creates on dunes, lake, and sand.

Image shown: Robert Daum, Cottonwood Breeze, Color Photograph, Metal Print, 16” x 24”

"Sculpt and Chisel: An Homage to the Artists in Cyanotype" by Carol Estes

Sculptors and stone masons have created works that will bless and honor generations. Carol Estes creates a unique vision with a photographic process invented in 1848.

Image shown: Carol Estes, Blessed Day, Cyanotype on Local Handmade Hay Paper