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Registration is Now Open for Summer Art Classes, Camps & Workshops


LCA believes in the transformative power of the arts to heal, teach and advocate. The arts raise the voices of those often unheard, and we honor and support those voices.

We stand in solidarity with those in our community who work to abolish unjust systems that perpetuate or condone hate and racism in all forms. We stand against prejudice and declare LCA a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for people of all races, religions, ethnicities, ages, abilities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.

Together, we will continue to champion collaboration and justice in all we do.


LCA makes every effort to make our facility accessible to everyone.

Our building is equipped with ramps, doorways and restrooms to accommodate the use of a wheelchair. A chair lift is available for those who may find the stairs to the second floor a challenge.

Our galleries are free to everyone, six days a week. Guided tours are available upon request, and any special needs will be addressed to the best of our abilities. Please call the center at 219.874.4900 to discuss arrangements.

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Partnership Programs

Museums for All
Through Museums for All, we’re partnering with museums across the country to make sure everyone can experience the best museums have to offer. Museums for All is a national, branded access program that encourages individuals of all backgrounds to visit museums regularly and build lifelong museum habits. To find other participating museums, visit

Vibrant Communities
We envision La Porte County to be a vibrant collection of unique communities that invest in their diverse people, grow their economic and health vitality, and promote innovative leadership through talented citizens for a rich quality of life for all. To learn more, visit

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