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We Are Us: The Human Condition

Alex Katz Carmen scan 12x16

Located In: Hyndman Gallery, Brincka/Cross Gallery and Susan Block Gallery

We Are Us: The Human Condition highlights artists’ unique abilities to depict and document the human condition in all its varied forms. From dreams of success and the joy of living to isolation, desperation and the will to survive, each artist demonstrates their authentic connection to the human condition in one simple image, demonstrating the personal is the universal; we all share the same emotions. Whatever state we are in, a state of war or a state of peace, artists have an uncanny talent to record our human condition in an emotional and accessible way and help to remind us that we are us.

Artwork Shown: Alex Katz, Carmen, 2008, Oil on board, 16x12"

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Romaire Beardon,
  • Mandy Cano Villalobos,
  • Henri De Talouse Lautrec,
  • Ron Herman,
  • Lester Johnson,
  • Alex Katz,
  • Jacob Lawrence,
  • Cydney Lewis,
  • Hung Liu,
  • Yolanda Lopez,
  • Alice Neel,
  • Ruth Morgan,
  • Dean Porter,
  • Romero Rodriguez,
  • Ed Ruscha,
  • Therman Statum,
  • Carrie Mae Weems